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Rebeca is a Spanish hottie who decided to take a vacation to the USA just to visit the renowned massage parlor for women. Upon arrival she’s quick to get lost in the city, and goes to a local starbucks to sit down and think. She meets a girl named Brandy who just happens to know the city in and out, and wait there’s more! She’s actually a masseuse working at the All Girl Massage parlor Rebeca came to visit all the way from Spain. It must be faith, Rebeca thought to herself and after some sightseeing she decided to take Brandy up on her offer about the exclusive massage 1 on 1 session.

This private massage she tells her includes a whole lot more than a rub down, we go all the way! This sounds like music to hear ears as they go back to the very luxurious place and both get naked then take a hot shower together kissing and making out. Their lust for one another continues on an inflatable bed, where the girls rub oil over their perfect big tits and kiss while touching each other. Brandy licks the Spanish juices from Rebeca’s pussy while she just lies there, moaning and enjoying orgasm after orgasm that shivers through her body.

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