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Anissa has just arrived from France, and that long plane flight has caused havoc on her sweet body, she needs a sweet sensual massage to help her relax. Charlee runs the local massage porn parlor, and she was about to close up for the day, lucky for Anissa she just arrived there in time. They both have a chat together before the massage, Charlee asks her where it hurts the most, and just some info about herself, she thinks Anissa is quite the looker and she can’t wait for her to get naked. Anissa Kate lays down on her back, so Charlee Monroe starts doing her thing, she makes her way up to those amazing breasts, and she passing up giving them a working over.

While rubbing those lovely boobs Anissa gets a naughty thought, she looks at Charlee and gives her a wink, and now Charlee knows just what to do to her. She gets those sweet lips and puts them on her pussy, sliding out her wet tongue she licks Anissa’s pussy lips getting her nice and moist. This massage was getting really intense now, and there was loads more to come. Charlee wants this girl to come back for more, so she is going to do everything in her power to pleasure her. She has her bend over now, taking out a toy Charlee slides it inside her pussy and goes hardcore on her, you can see the juices are flowing nicely now, and I think it’s about time Charlee got some of that pleasure.

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Nude massage turns into a great pussy licking adventure

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Chicks sure are competitive when it comes to their bodies, they just can’t stand the thought of someone looking better than she does. Take for instance Vanessa and Jaslene, the two drop dead gorgeous hotties in this kinky nude massage gallery. Vanessa was rubbing her hands all over Jaslene’s tits, making her feel bothered and dripping wet, but she thinks she’s got better tits then her and just had to show it off. Her purple gown got opened up wide and her white lace bra popped right open so she can get her milkies out in the open, shaking them in front of her friend and getting her excited in no time.

No man or a woman can resist the sight of those top class milkies when they’re exposed, especially not when there’s a big bottle of body oil handy, ready to be put to xxx use. Once the two girls started rubbing their tits together it was all over with the regular massage, the only thing these two hotties were thinking about were carnal pleasures and how they can make each other cum with their long fingers and tongues.T hey didn’t even need a sex toy to help them out, both Vanessa and Jaslene were happy to learn more about each others body with just their tactile senses and no toys were allowed during this hot lesbian massage and workout, they didn’t want to spoil their all natural lesbian fun. Watch both of them get all naughty in front of a high quality camera, parading their lewd curves and comparing to see which one is hotter when she’s in the nude.

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Tireless slut Adrianna Luna wants some girl on girl action with Sophia Bella

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Horny brunette slut Adrianna Luna has had an all nighter with her boyfriend, a guy who did his best to please her wet love holes and wear her out. Unfortunately for him, a girl like Adrianna doesn’t get bored of sex that easily, she’s got a sex drive to put any three porn stars to shame, and she has found herself a new partner while her boyfriend recovers. It’s not cheating if she does it with a female, right? Especially not if she makes hot girl on girl videos she’ll share with her boyfriend? Her partner of choice is Sophia Bella, another frisky brunette with a body to die for and a lot of free time on her hands. Sophia is well known for her massage parlor just down the street of where Adrianna’s boyfriend is, so it’s only natural that she’ll head on there and see if all of the gossip including this massage parlor is actually true. Good news for a frisky piece of eye candy – it is, the busty girl got nude and ready for a nice full body massage, and that’s exactly what she got.

When Sophia was done with oiling her customer up, she got herself nude as well and got busy with those massive tits Adrianna brought to her store. Since she complained about having excess sex drive, Adrianna convinced Sophia to give her a helping hand and a helping tongue, she’s about to be munched on by an expert lady which knows just how to make a girl cum using her fingers and tongue. There are no sex toys needed at all, Adrianna and Sophia went all natural lesbian licking adventure on each other, and they had a real blast, especially when they swapped around on the massage bed and started practicing sizzling hot pussy munching 69 pose, that set them both right off.

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Bigtits Pussy Massage with Lylith Lavey & Layla Rose

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Since her date didn’t go so well Layla Rose was left feeling unsatisfied, she really needed something to cheer her up. She thought a nice scented massage would be just the thing for her aching body, so she paid a visit to a popular massage girl Lylith Lavey, a girl recommended to her by many of her friends. Of course, she had no idea that all of the recommendations placed were because the visitors of her massage room get all kinds of special treatment, males and females alike.

Layla didn’t suspect a thing when she was told by a sinful blonde with huge tits to strip down and lay on the massage table, after all, that’s how a massage is supposed to be done in the first place, but once Lylith’s naughty fingers wrapped themselves around Layla’s sensitive nipples and started tweaking and teasing them did she realize just why is this massage service so popular.

While Layla declares herself as a straight cock loving girl, guy that stood her up left her sexually frustrated and she wasn’t going to complain about a super hot blonde who seems to be intent in giving her an orgasm she’s always been dreaming about. No sex toys and no aids are needed for these two drop dead hot girls in lesbian embrace to reach their happy endings, their long fingers and dirty tongues are more than up to the task of getting them to cum hard and messily, a happy ending any girl can wish for.

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Nina James and Rio Lee Loves to Lick Pussy

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Exotic British beauty Rio Lee is very popular with ladies that need to relax more than what they can achieve at home. This drop dead hot masseuse is a real sight for sore eyes and men would just love to get her to root for their team, but it’s been years since Rio decided she’s to play with girls and girls alone. Her latest visitor is Nina James, who got into a light car accident earlier today and needed some tending to that only Rio’s tender touch can deliver. Two girls hit it off right away, Nina slipping out of her dark bra and panties, revealing a lewd figure with some asian heritage, long legs, big natural tits and a body to die for.

Rio couldn’t wait for the regular part of the massage to be over so she can move on to the real thing, dropping down on her knees so she can stick her probing lesbian tongue up her customer’s pussy. Munching out a girl and toying with her sensitive nipples got her moaning loudly in no time, it’s been awhile since someone could excite Nina as much as Rio has and she intends to enjoy every flick of her fingers and every lick of her tongue thoroughly. They’ve got most of the afternoon for themselves and they spend it giving each other oral pleasures with only their fingers and lips, they don’t need sex toys to make each other feel really good.

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Gorgeous Teen Latina Pussy Massage

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Now here’s a lesbian combination you’re going to love for sure, long legged blonde beauty Lola and her dark haired friend Jessie have been eying each other for a while now, thinking how they’d love to have some sinful girl on girl entertainment, but they’ve never gotten around to actually doing anything about all of the sexual tension between them. Well, until now, anyway.

Jessie has been having massage classes and now she’s confident enough to think she can make Lola feel really good with her hands. Stripping her blonde friend down completely and getting her to hop up on the massage table was a piece of cake for her, and Jessie sure was happy to see Lola was already wet and ready for those naughty fingers of hers. Just to keep up the pretense of a massage session Jessie run her fingers all over her friend, oiling her up and touching her here and there, just to spice things up a bit. Lola completely lost it once her dark haired lesbian friend started working on her large tits, playing with them, tweaking her nipples and getting her to feel like she really needs some deep pussy attention, a need Jessie was looking forward to fulfilling.

Naughty fingers with long nails were soon massaging the insides of Lola’s pussy, making her wrap her legs around her lesbian masseuse as she slowly worked herself up to a great happy ending. Naturally, Lola wasn’t the only one to get pleasure from this lesbian massage session, once her pussy needs were satisfied Jessie slipped out of her panties as well, mounting her friend’s face and riding her naughty tongue until she herself came hard on top of her face.

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