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Sexy threesome massage with Nikki, Alexis & Phoenix

Nikki Seven, Alexis Monroe & Phoenix Askani taking a selfie Sexy hands touching even sexier legs Nikki Seven, Alexis Monroe & Phoenix Askani eating tits

These girls mean business, they are not playing around anymore. Nikki, Alexis and Phoenix like to enjoy their free time and offer each other erotic services. Alexis gets naked first and lets the other two touch her fabulous body but they don’t want to just touch. They want to feel with their tongues as well. They flip her and start sucking her delicious nipples. Alexis enjoys it so much that she decides to return the favor. She will now have a taste of the girl’s cunts and after the first lick she couldn’t stop. It felt so good, their cunts so warm and juicy, it left a great taste on her tongue. All three of them got so horny that they are now on the mission to please each other to the max. Their pussies are very demanding so only tongues are not enough. So the girls start fingering one another and their bodies are on fire with passion. Their beautiful skin is covered in goose bumps as they are nearing orgasm. Three best friends and coworkers turned into a lesbian trio with cravings for pussy. Nikki is especially aroused by the whole situation, she is enjoying it a bit more than she should. This session brought out her wild side and she showed to the girls that she is not playing anymore. Phoenix can barely keep up with the steam but in the end all three girls got what they were searching for. The biggest orgasm they ever had.

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Giselle Leon and Alexis Monroe Licking at the Parlor

Gorgeous Giselle strips down before massage Hot blond masseuse Alexis Monroe strips down Giselle Leon licks out masseuses tight pussy


With a body like that it’s no wonder men flock to Alexis Monroe for some sensual massage action, but this time the drop dead hot blonde with a body to kill for has a different kind of customer. She’s working with a brunette with a body almost as tight as her own, and she just couldn’t help herself after stripping her down and running her hands all over her body, she had to try her out if she’s as tasty as she looks. While Giselle Leon expected her naughty hands all over her breasts and that amazing ass, she was really shocked when her legs got slightly parted by Alexis so she can slip her tongue up her wet pussy.

Still, it was a good surprise and the girl was quick to take on the tempo with her hips, impaling herself on her masseuse’s tongue, riding it slow at first but quickening up the pace as the pleasure inside of her started mounting up. Of course, that was not the only thing Alexis had on her mind for her cute customer, she wanted to get her pussy worshipped and pleased as well, so she hopped up on the massage table, shaking her ass until Giselle just couldn’t help but drop down on her knees and stick out her tongue to taste those lady juices.

She even slipped her naughty tongue up that ass crack, making Alexis jump with surprise, no girl has recently done that, and her asshole is very sensitive to a female touch. All in all, by the time these blond and brunette babes were done fucking each other in a high quality lesbian action they were completely worn out and the massage session was a complete success, Giselle got relaxed and Alexis got to take a break from men banging her and got her kink on with a hot brunette.

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