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Looking at Natasha and Courtney you could be forgiven for thinking they were girlfriends, they look so well together. But Natasha is with her because she heard through the grapevine that Courtney gives the best massages ever, and she just had to have one. Laying that totally naked body down on the table, she puts her complete trust in Courtney. So she treats her with the best possible care, slowly she starts massaging her hands all over that naked body, her legs, ass and her breasts all get plenty of attention from her. But, so far this massage hasn’t been out of this wold, she has enjoyed it, but there just hasn’t been a wow factor, not yet.

But Courtney was only just getting started, but she does stop the massage for a minute, she asks Natasha if she would like to try the full workout, it sounds tempting, and well she hoped it would be better than this. Once again Courtney Taylor takes control, and when Natasha noticed her putting a strap-on toy around herself, she had to do a double take, what was this massage babe going to do to her now? If Natasha wasn’t so worked up there’s every chance she would have put a stop to it, but she isn’t going to do that, the strap-on looks awesome and her pussy wants to take it deep. Look at Natasha Starr turn into a slut now, that toy is all the way up her moist pussy, and she just can’t get enough of it. I bet Courtney gets her to wear it next, as it’s fun to be in control like this, but I’m betting her juicy pussy is feeling like some action too.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Strap-On Sex Toy Used During Her Massage