The scissor position is a distinctive and captivating posture that can be performed by people of any gender and customized to meet your and your partner’s demands. Scissoring is particularly fantastic if you enjoy sex in which your partner’s genitalia are placed outside your own. You and your lover must lie on your sides with your legs entwined, resembling two pairs of scissors coming together and meeting in the middle. When your genitalia go into contact, you’ll know you’re in the correct position. You’ll then be having orgasm with some grinding and rubbing against your spouse. He is on top of her, piercing her profoundly and making the scissor sign in a standard sex position.

Here are some suggestions to make the scissoring positions you wish to try with your spouse more pleasurable:

Use the right lube

 When Applying lubrication when grinding is ideal for preventing chafing, many scissoring positions emphasize external genital stimulation rather than penetrative intercourse. By giving a smooth, silky sensation when humping, lubrication to your scissoring session may also boost the enjoyment of the inspiration. Discover the many types of lubrication and how to select the best one. It is crucial to use the proper lubrication before having sex to make the penetration flow smoothly, make her feel good, and prevent the possibility of hurting her. You can also learn how to do Scissor Sex while watching Hijab Porn.

Use safe scissor techniques With Protection.

Even though most scissoring does not include penetrative intercourse, care and caution should still be used to avoid contracting an STD. Scissoring and oral sex both still have the potential to spread STDs. Though they are not entirely foolproof, using Protection like a dental dam is an excellent way to stop the transmission of STDs. Both couples should extend their muscles before using scissors, including their arms and legs. This sexual posture can include forces that aren’t often used daily and need light physical effort. It’s crucial to take precautions if you’re scissoring with a new partner with an unrecognized sexual past. To lessen your transmission risk, consider placing anything between your and your partner’s genitalia, including knickers, a dental dam, or a cut-open condom.

Establish eye contact

Maintaining constant eye contact while kissing and scissoring increases intimacy and spices things up between you and your partner. Practicing eye contact while scissoring can heat things, especially while exploring curiosities about each other’s bodies and feeling the sensations from scissoring.

Incorporate sex toys

Scissoring postures may be improved by adding additional stimulation using various sex toys. For example, in genital-to-genital contact, some vulva owners utilize double-ended dildos so that both participants feel penetration. To boost internal or clitoral stimulation during scissoring, you may also use a vibrator. Even after spending a lot of time honing their scissors skills, this lets him and her mix things up. Incorporating sex toys into a deliberate strategy for giving her tremendous excitement, you can search porn where Amature Porn can learn the use of sex toys.


Scissoring is frequently linked with lesbian relationships; however, anybody, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, can use this method. It may liven up your and your partner’s mundane daily sexual activities, and if you’re just getting started, rehearsing each of the steps, as mentioned earlier, slowly can help you become proficient.