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Victoria Blaze Licks Redheads Pussy

Victoria Blaze massaging inner thighs of Sage Evans Victoria Blaze strips down seductive lingerie Victoria Blaze licked out by Sage Evans


Victoria loves being a masseuse, being able to meet sexy interesting girls each day is a great thing. Today she has the lovely Sage visiting her, word had got around that Victoria was a wonder, and she wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Victoria shows her into the massage room and tells her to get undressed and lay down, now those warm soft hands start working all over her body, and Sage is loving it. I like the way Victoria Blaze tries to keep things professional, you can tell she is getting worked up, but she can’t keep this up for long, Sage is just irresistible.

She tells Sage to roll over onto her back now, she thought this might cool her down, but seeing that tight moist pussy has put her in overdrive. She asks Sage if she might like a little something extra, she tells her she doesn’t do this for all her clients, but she can feel something special about her. Sage Evans is an open-minded girl and tells her to go for it, so now she lays there and watches Victoria get naked, suddenly things get very interesting between these two horny girls. Victoria sticks her tongue out and starts licking those sweet pussy lips, looking up at Sage with her eyes she can tell this babe is loving it. The massage might have started out innocently enough, but things are really starting to heat up between them now.

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Teen Client Strap-on Fucked at the Parlor

Hot babes talking before the all girl massage Licking out that beautiful shaved pussy on the table Closeup strapon pussy fucking


Hannah has had a stressful day at work and wants to release the stress from her body. She enters the lesbian massage parlor, that was referred by a friend, and quickly gets taken to a private room by Melody. She takes off her clothes and wraps her sexy body in a towel.Gorgeous redhead Melody Jordan climbs on top of the brunette and starts rubbing her back. When Hannah’s butt starts moving back and forth, Melody takes advantage and turns the female over. She wraps her mouth around her hard nipples making Hannah’s start squirming back and forth on the table. The redhead then gets off of the brunette and exits the room. Hannah Reily is in shock and deeply disappointed until Melody returns naked with a strap-on attached, making this brunette smile. The masseuse puts the tip of the strap-on into her client’s mouth. Hannah then gets on all fours and starts getting her tight, wet pussy licked by another girl for the first time. Melody then slides up to Hannah’s neck and sticks the black strap-on into the brunette’s wet pussy. Thrusting her butt back and forth to get deep into the client’s pussy hole makes her cum all over the toy. Hannah needed a relaxing end to the work week and that is what she got at the all girl massage parlor.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Stunning redhead masseuse bangs teen client with a strap-on


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