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Titty Masseuse Vanessa Seduces Hot Client Laura

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I’ve always wondered if a female masseuse gets turned on giving another girl a massage, and well it looks like they do, that’s if Vanessa is anything to go by. She was giving her friend Laura an all girl massage, and try as hard as she did, she couldn’t hide the fact her pussy was getting moist from giving her a massage. You sure can’t blame her though, just look at that smoking hot body on her, she is gorgeous! Lucky for Vanessa Laura was also feeling horny, she was wanting to get it on just as much as her.

They didn’t want to waste another second, so Vanessa Veracruz strips down to her bra and panties and joins her on the table. She lets Laura do the honor of removing her bra, with her sweet tits right near her mouth, she soon has a taste of them with her tongue. Vanessa moves that tight body back now, she lowers her sweet lips down to this babes pussy, it looks so tight and sexy, and with her tongue working it, this vagina is dripping wet. Laura Brooks gets a turn to work the massage girl now, she makes sure her pussy also gets some much needed attention. There’s real passion to be seen between these girls, and that to me is all you need.

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Nude massage turns into a great pussy licking adventure

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Chicks sure are competitive when it comes to their bodies, they just can’t stand the thought of someone looking better than she does. Take for instance Vanessa and Jaslene, the two drop dead gorgeous hotties in this kinky nude massage gallery. Vanessa was rubbing her hands all over Jaslene’s tits, making her feel bothered and dripping wet, but she thinks she’s got better tits then her and just had to show it off. Her purple gown got opened up wide and her white lace bra popped right open so she can get her milkies out in the open, shaking them in front of her friend and getting her excited in no time.

No man or a woman can resist the sight of those top class milkies when they’re exposed, especially not when there’s a big bottle of body oil handy, ready to be put to xxx use. Once the two girls started rubbing their tits together it was all over with the regular massage, the only thing these two hotties were thinking about were carnal pleasures and how they can make each other cum with their long fingers and tongues.T hey didn’t even need a sex toy to help them out, both Vanessa and Jaslene were happy to learn more about each others body with just their tactile senses and no toys were allowed during this hot lesbian massage and workout, they didn’t want to spoil their all natural lesbian fun. Watch both of them get all naughty in front of a high quality camera, parading their lewd curves and comparing to see which one is hotter when she’s in the nude.

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