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Masseuse and Client Sharing Anal Glass Dildo

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Blonde cutie enters a lesbian massage parlor, for the first time, after breaking it off with her boyfriend earlier that day. She sits down as a massage table and waits for someone to enter the room. A gorgeous brunette comes into the room, hands Britney a towel, and then exits to give the blonde some privacy. She comes back shortly after and requests that the blonde get on the massage table. The blonde’s shoulders are tense so it feels good, for her, to have them rubbed. Brittany is shocked when her pussy gets wet so quickly and turns over so Cece can rub on her more.

She covers her tits at first, because she is shy to show her tits off to a random stranger, but that quickly changes. Cece slides the towel off the blonde, revealing her pussy, and starts rubbing her clit. The blonde moans as the brunette slides her finger up and down rubbing on the clit. Cece Stone bends down and licks all the wet juices off of Britney’s pussy. The brunette then puts a glass toy into the blonde’s ass as she licks her pussy until she cums all over her face. The masseuse took care of her client and showed this blonde that lesbian massages can feel great. Britney definitely aggreed and will return on the weekly basis.

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Oiled Big Tit Masseuse Playing with Butt Plug

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Asa Akira has been feeling rather stressed lately, and she really needed a way to wind down a bit. What better way for that stress to be relieved then with a spicy oily massage with one of her best friends, Kortney? Kortney has her own parlor and she happily greeted her sexy asian friend, making Asa’s pleasure her top priority. With bodyoil smeared all over, with those big tits glistening with pleasure, oiled up back and spicy oiled ass she’s ready to be fingered and toyed with. Asa is a hardcore girl and she’s used to having both of her holes probed at the same time, this detailed massage was just what she needed.

With a glass butt plug up her behind and a long bendy dildo stretching her pussy wide apart all of her stress is leaving her along with her love juices as she cums and cums hard. Of course, the sight of Asa’s orgasms got Kortney fired up as well, and Asa was only too happy to return the favor and make her busty girlfriend feel good as well, she spread her legs wide apart and set her naughty lips to good use, sucking on her clit and sliding her dildo in and out of her until Kortney was all sweaty and having orgasms as well.

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Big Tit Masseuse Toying Ass & Pussy

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Ashley has cleared all of the exams for this semester and now she decided to treat herself to a parlor massage. Asking her friends, she found a nice place with female only staff, but her friends didn’t warn her that there’s something different about this massage parlor when compared to the other places in the city, here sexy chicks don’t get only massaged, but teased and toyed with as well.

The chick that Ashley got assigned to is Kortney, a sexy looking brunette with great body and plenty of skills when it comes to pussy fingering and munching, in no time these two girls were locked with their legs around each other as they munched on their cunts and drove each other wild with their naughty tongues. Kortney also whipped out some of the sex toys she had ready just for Ashli’s special treatment, and she stuck them down both of her holes and made Ashli feel relaxed indeed.

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Big Tit Girlfriends Playing with Butt Plugs

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All Girl Massage is back with yet another steaming hot scene featuring two gorgeous babes by the name Rachel and Brandy. These two ladies have been dear friends for a very long time, and they do almost everything together, well almost – although that is soon going to change to everything. One day Rachel and Brandy make plans to go shopping, followed by a little tanning and the spa. What Rachel doesn’t know yet is that Brandy has some plans of her own to take their friendship to a new level.

She goes down to the spa bright and early, and phones up Rachel to come on down. Upon arriving in the exclusive VIP room at the SPA, brandy is waiting brand new and fresh as she just got out of the bath. She calls her girlfriend to join her on a big magnificent bed and tells her how much she adores her. Soon enough the two are exchanging body fluids by French licking and kissing like mad. This action just heats up even more as she reveals two amazing glass dildos, one for the ass and the other for the pussy. The girls take turns licking each other and then they both take the big dildos deep in their tight holes, filling up nicely for an incredible joint orgasm!

All Girl Massage Gallery: Big tit babes playing with dildo and butt plug


Wild Lesbian Anal Butt Plug Massage

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Rebecca wanted to get a massage badly because she was so tense, so she visited her old girlfriend from school Kiara. She was working as a masseuse for ladies, and as soon as she entered her saloon, she notice that she is wearing a silky black coat, which revealed her lovely curves perfectly. This babe had long tanned legs, and it looked like she has a nice rack. The one thing Rebecca didn’t know that Kiara actually gives erotic massages, and when she started taking off her panties, the poor babe didn’t know what is going on. In the end, she accepted her game and soon she felt a long glass dildo penetrating her tight little ass.

It made her so horny, especially since she has never got her rectum drilled before. When her lesbian masseuse started licking her beaver, she got even hornier, and before you know it, this adorable honey came, but that wasn’t enough for her. She wanted more! While the butt plug was still in her ass, Rebecca got her orgasmic tight little cunt penetrated with a long dildo… She was licking Kiara’s pink jelly bean and that cute piercing on her tongue teased her even more…

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