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Teen Client Strap-on Fucked at the Parlor

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Hannah has had a stressful day at work and wants to release the stress from her body. She enters the lesbian massage parlor, that was referred by a friend, and quickly gets taken to a private room by Melody. She takes off her clothes and wraps her sexy body in a towel.Gorgeous redhead Melody Jordan climbs on top of the brunette and starts rubbing her back. When Hannah’s butt starts moving back and forth, Melody takes advantage and turns the female over. She wraps her mouth around her hard nipples making Hannah’s start squirming back and forth on the table. The redhead then gets off of the brunette and exits the room. Hannah Reily is in shock and deeply disappointed until Melody returns naked with a strap-on attached, making this brunette smile. The masseuse puts the tip of the strap-on into her client’s mouth. Hannah then gets on all fours and starts getting her tight, wet pussy licked by another girl for the first time. Melody then slides up to Hannah’s neck and sticks the black strap-on into the brunette’s wet pussy. Thrusting her butt back and forth to get deep into the client’s pussy hole makes her cum all over the toy. Hannah needed a relaxing end to the work week and that is what she got at the all girl massage parlor.

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Busty Babes Dildo Fucking at the Parlor

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Gorgeous blonde Brandi Blunt decides to spent the day down at the local massage parlor and get a sexy lesbian massage by one of the parlor’s natural beauties. She arrives to see her lesbian friend Raven Rockette working today. The blonde bares all to the masseuse and wants her to massage her naked body with her wet pussy rubbing up against her while she gets her body rubbed down. The brunette quickly undresses and moves the blonde over to the massage table. Raven’s pussy starts throbbing as she is rubbing this blonde’s shoulders and grabs Brandi, quickly flipping her over. The brunette starts kissing all down her body until she reaches her shaven pussy. Raven runs her tongue up and down on her throbbing clit, making the blonde moan with anticipation. The horny brunette then pulls out one of her favorite toys and slowly sticks the pink vibrator into her wet pussy. As the passion intensifies, Brandi takes control and shoves the pink love stick into Raven’s hairy pussy. Then puts her on all fours and slides the toy back and forth until she releases all her sweet juices into her hand.This all girl massage is what the girl needed to make her day.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Masseuses hairy pussy dildoed by horny teen client


Dildo Pussy and Tit Fucking During Massage

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Lola sits down at the massage table in a brown dress. She undresses and wraps a towel around her tight body. Whitney Westgate lays down on the massage table and starts getting her body rubbed down by a beautiful female. Her thighs are tingling as the masseuse runs her soft hands up and down her legs. She then turns Lola Milano over and wraps the towels around her bottom half and starts massaging her busty tits make her nips hard.

The masseuse then pulls out a pink vibrator and starts rubbing the brunette’s clit with it, making her juices flow out of her tight cunt. It is quickly licked up by the beautiful masseuse. With her pussy already throbbing from getting it licked, she gets a purple vibrator inserted into her shaven vagina. Lola moans with excitement as the purple vibrator slides in and out of her cunt and eventually moans from all the pleasure until she cums all over the toy. Both of the girls suck all the wet juices off of the long vibrator and Lola gets to show how the masseuse how it feels to get her pussy played with.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Gorgeous teen babes playing with dildos during massage


Nothing like an after breakup massage

Hot masseuse giving a nice backrub massage at the parlor Horny masseuse licking clients great tits during massage Masseuse fucking her client with a black strap-on


If there’s one thing Mandy Sky is known about it’s her magical hands and the effects they have on females. She’s known to make a woman forget about all of her worries once she pops out a scented body oil and gets her hands busy. Today, her customer is Stacie Jaxxx, a drop dead hot brunette with a body of a sex goddess. She has just suffered a bad break – up with her girlfriend and she needs some rebound action, and she heard Mandy is the girl to see if she wants to relax and get her body used in ways that can make her have wet dreams about her massage parlor visit. Dark haired beauty Mandy certainly justified her reputation, it didn’t take her naughty hands too long to wander between Stacie’s legs and look for her sweet spot, but it’s her delicious natural breasts that got a lot of attention at first.

Only once she was satisfied with how she teased and pleased those fine melons did she move on down between her legs, sticking out her long tongue and teasing that perfect shaved clit until Stacie started moaning with delight. It’s not all just fingering and licking either, Mandy has a strap on dildo that is very popular with her female visitors, a big black thing with ribs that she uses to doggy style fuck her customer until she forces her into several orgasms. Naturally, once she pleased her brunette customer it’s only fair that she gets to feel some pleasure as well, she took off the strap on and laid on her back with her legs high up in the air as she instructed her customer as to how to properly use a strap on for maximal satisfaction.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Lesbian teen masseuse fucking blonde client with a strapon


Titty Blondes Cameron and Monroe at the Parlor

Lady Monroe reaching for Cameron Dee's tits Cameron Dee licking pussy at the parlor Cameron Dee gets dildo fucked by Lady Monroe


Busty milf with lots of experience in playing with teen angels Lady Monroe has finally decided to open herself a massage parlor with special benefits to female beauties. She doesn’t even accept males as customers, only thing she’s interested in are tender female bodies. Even straight girls turn lesbian when Monroe starts working her charms on them, and this time she really went all out. No wonder, just look at Cameron Dee, a drop dead cute teen with big natural titties and pale skin, she thought she’d treat herself to a tender massage under the hands of a real massage expert, and she got more than she expected once Monroe slipped a towel covering Cameron’s pussy away and started licking and fingering that sensitive teen pussy of hers.

Cameron just couldn’t believe her, she thought about resisting at first, but quickly dropped the notion as she realized Monroe really knows how to use her fingers and tongue to please a chick, she was moaning and shaking her hips in no time with an orgasm that was slowly being built up. However, Monroe had other plans, she didn’t want to be the one giving pleasure, she wanted to get some back so she pushed Cameron aside and laid on the massage desk herself, letting the pretty teen mount her face in a super hot lesbian 69 action. Their tongues and naughty fingers went to work and soon they were both getting closer and closer to their happy endings. A smooth white vibrating sex toy Monroe whipped out to use on Cameron wasn’t up to her tastes, but Cameron didn’t mind at all using it to make her masseuse cum hard on top of her dildo and fingers.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Monroe’s massage parlor attracts an unsuspecting teen beauty


Toying and Licking with Teagan and Lilly

Sexy masseuse in seductive lingerie with hot thong Horny masseuse grabbing clients perky tits on the massage table Licking sweet pussy on the massage table


I sure hope you’re in the mood for some frisky lesbian action, because Teagan Summers has her mind on it and Lilly Evans is her target. She’s her mom’s friend and was always very friendly with the gorgeous dark haired teen girl, just waiting for the day when she’d be right for the picking. Seems that day is here now, and Teagan decided to pull on stops on her lesbian seduction on a gorgeous teen, she had her strip down and lay on a massage table so she can show her the skills she acquired playing with many other lesbian girls. Mere sight of Teagan in her black lingerie undies and her pink bra that does wonders with her tits would be more than enough to turn any man on, and Lilly wasn’t unaffected by it either, she got dripping wet in no time, her small dark nipples perking up as Teagan’s hands wandered all over her body, finding their way between her legs.

A few rubs across her clit and Lilly was already close to losing her mind with desire, she wanted the lesbian milf to go to work on her pussy and literally begged for it. That’s just what Teagan was waiting for, an invitation to go completely nasty on the pretty teen slut. A big blue vibrating dildo with rabbit addition was her tool of choice to introduce Lilly to sensual world of lesbian action, she gave it a lick or two to cover it with her saliva before she slammed it all the way down an eager teen cunt. Sounds Lilly was making were superb, making the mature lesbian feel like getting teased by a blue toy herself, but she satisfied herself with instructing Lilly on how to lick her cunt properly. Needless to say they topped this sinful lesbian massage with a nice 69 pussy licking adventure.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Lesbian masseuse catches herself a pretty teen angel


Big Tit Blondes Rikki Six and Tasha Reign

Rikki Six's tight shaved pussy under the towel Rikki Six fingered by big tit blonde masseuse Pussy to pussy dildo fucking


Rikki Six and Tasha Reign have been friends since high school, and longer. Tasha is the older of the two, just a few years, giving her seniority over Rikky who has always been obedient and more than willing to do whatever her saucy friend was up for. These two stunning blondes were sharing pretty much everything, from vices, drinks, parties to men from time to time, so it’s only natural they’ve tried hot lesbian sex and found it suitable. Rikki comes to Tasha whenever she feels like she’s being neglected sexually by her boyfriend and knows that there will always be fingers there for her to enjoy whenever she feels like it. This is just one of many occasions where Rikki stripped down completely, exposing her big tits with perky nipples and her perfect hairless pussy and ass, letting Tasha go to work on her body, rubbing her with scented oils until she ached for more than just those teasing hands caressing her boobs and her ass.

Knowing what’s on her girlfriend’s mind, Tasha happily slipped out of her silk night gown, revealing a body teen girls can only dream of. She’s not as curvaceous as Rikki, but she’s got a perfect fit figure and is not shy of showing it off at all. The two hotties rubbed their tits against one another, enjoying the sensation of body oil between them, and were slowly working themselves up to a grand finale where both of them would cum hard. However, for starters, they just used their long tongues and their experienced fingers to tease and please each other, making sweet sounds as they drove each other wild. Their grand finale consist of a great ride on a double dildo, bendable sex with that is long enough for both of these girls to mount at once, slapping their asses together as they got pleased on the inside by the big toy, their fingers furiously working between their legs driving them to a hot lesbian happy ending that was anything but silent, their neighbours now definitely know about their sinful girl on girl adventure.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Two drop dead hot blondes in lesbian action


Kiera and Chloe playing with the fat orange dildo

Strip down and start the massage Reaching between towels Kiera and Chloe fucking with dildo


Two drop dead hot coed girls have hit it off straight away ever since they met, and they’ve been together for years now. They have discovered pleasures of lesbian pussy munching together and their friendship is based on their tactile and sensory experiences. Their latest kinks are lesbian massages, Chloe has discovered a shop with tons of scented body oils that she is only too happy to try out on her blond girlfriend Kiera. In this high quality lesbian massage porn scene she has Kiera lie on her stomach so she can to wild on her back and ass before flipping her over and covering her eyes so she can not figure out what’s on the menu for her next.

Naughty hands rubbing all over her titties and her throbbing clit drove Kiera wild in no time and soon she was begging Chloe to properly please her using her tongue and her fingers. Lesbian pussy fingering was not exactly what Chloe Lynn had on her mind, she really wanted to try out a strap on dildo she purchased few days ago, a nice curved smooth thing that is long enough to make a girl squeal with pleasure as it penetrates her all the way. Kiera Winters didn’t want to be the one in Chloe’s debt either, so she whipped out a silicone dildo she happily slammed up her girlfriend’s pussy and down her throat until she pleased her hardcore lesbian impulses.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Coed girlfriends with their lesbian sex toys


Nude massage turns into a great pussy licking adventure

Slutty masseuse shows tits to sexy teen client Client eating masseuse's big round tits Nude pussy licking massage


Chicks sure are competitive when it comes to their bodies, they just can’t stand the thought of someone looking better than she does. Take for instance Vanessa and Jaslene, the two drop dead gorgeous hotties in this kinky nude massage gallery. Vanessa was rubbing her hands all over Jaslene’s tits, making her feel bothered and dripping wet, but she thinks she’s got better tits then her and just had to show it off. Her purple gown got opened up wide and her white lace bra popped right open so she can get her milkies out in the open, shaking them in front of her friend and getting her excited in no time.

No man or a woman can resist the sight of those top class milkies when they’re exposed, especially not when there’s a big bottle of body oil handy, ready to be put to xxx use. Once the two girls started rubbing their tits together it was all over with the regular massage, the only thing these two hotties were thinking about were carnal pleasures and how they can make each other cum with their long fingers and tongues.T hey didn’t even need a sex toy to help them out, both Vanessa and Jaslene were happy to learn more about each others body with just their tactile senses and no toys were allowed during this hot lesbian massage and workout, they didn’t want to spoil their all natural lesbian fun. Watch both of them get all naughty in front of a high quality camera, parading their lewd curves and comparing to see which one is hotter when she’s in the nude.

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Tireless slut Adrianna Luna wants some girl on girl action with Sophia Bella

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Horny brunette slut Adrianna Luna has had an all nighter with her boyfriend, a guy who did his best to please her wet love holes and wear her out. Unfortunately for him, a girl like Adrianna doesn’t get bored of sex that easily, she’s got a sex drive to put any three porn stars to shame, and she has found herself a new partner while her boyfriend recovers. It’s not cheating if she does it with a female, right? Especially not if she makes hot girl on girl videos she’ll share with her boyfriend? Her partner of choice is Sophia Bella, another frisky brunette with a body to die for and a lot of free time on her hands. Sophia is well known for her massage parlor just down the street of where Adrianna’s boyfriend is, so it’s only natural that she’ll head on there and see if all of the gossip including this massage parlor is actually true. Good news for a frisky piece of eye candy – it is, the busty girl got nude and ready for a nice full body massage, and that’s exactly what she got.

When Sophia was done with oiling her customer up, she got herself nude as well and got busy with those massive tits Adrianna brought to her store. Since she complained about having excess sex drive, Adrianna convinced Sophia to give her a helping hand and a helping tongue, she’s about to be munched on by an expert lady which knows just how to make a girl cum using her fingers and tongue. There are no sex toys needed at all, Adrianna and Sophia went all natural lesbian licking adventure on each other, and they had a real blast, especially when they swapped around on the massage bed and started practicing sizzling hot pussy munching 69 pose, that set them both right off.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Busty latina masseuse licks latina clients pussy


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