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Aryana and Madison Toying Pussy

Aryana and Madison preparing for massage Toying pussy while vibrating clitoris on the massage table Madison and Aryana dildoing hard


Aryana stops by the all girl massage parlor on her way home from work. She requests her favorite worker, Madison, and takes her back to her room.The brunette quickly undresses and wraps the towel around her tight body. Madison’s soft hands run all down Aryana Augustine’s body sending jolts all throughout her body and making her squirm with anticipation. The brunette then turns around on the table and requests that Madison Fox take off her clothes right now! She undresses quickly and decides to pull out her two favorite toys. Madison runs the toys down Aryana’s sexy body then she plays with the brunette’s pussy and ass until she is squirming and moaning with excitement.

Aryana stands up and snatches the toys and shakes her hand then says, “This time, you are mine!” She bends Madison over the table and massages her clit with one of the toys as the other toy gazes her ass hole making her moan. She inserts the pink vibrator into Madison and massages her butthole with the big black toy until she cums all over the toy. Madison then sucks off the juices off of the toys and they part there ways until next week at the all girl massage parlor.

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Big Tits Dildo Fucking at the All Girl Massage Parlor

Lola James grabbing Britney Amber's round tits Lola James sucking the pink penis dildo for Britney Lola James gets pussy fucked by dildo


Lola arrives at the lesbian massage parlor for another visit. She is glad when she is taken to the back by a gorgeous blonde Britney Amber. She only anticipates that the same events will occur on her visit this week. She wraps up in a towel and lay downs on the massage table. She moves the towel to her butt and the masseuse starts rubbing her back, running her fingers through her hair. She flips over and starts getting her tits sucked on by the blonde, but this time she wants something different. The blonde pulls out a personal toy, that she brought from home, and starts sucking on it.

The masseuse takes off all her clothes and lays on the massage table next to Lola James. The brunette spreads her legs apart and lets the blonde push the pink toy into her tight pussy. As she starts moaning and can feel her body about to squirt, she decides to take control before it is too late. She flips the blonde over and dives her face into her shaven pussy, licking and sucking all the wet juices around her pussy lips. Lola may not of got off this time, but the masseuse definitely did. Lola loves to take control of the situation and can’t wait to return, next week to the lesbian massage parlor, to see what she has in store next time.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Big tit masseuse fucks client with a penis shaped dildo


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