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Bigtits Pussy Massage with Lylith Lavey & Layla Rose

Lylith Lavey checking out Layla Rose's big tits Lylith Lavey reveals her tits for Layla Rose Lylith Lavey and Layla Rose kissing on the massage table


Since her date didn’t go so well Layla Rose was left feeling unsatisfied, she really needed something to cheer her up. She thought a nice scented massage would be just the thing for her aching body, so she paid a visit to a popular massage girl Lylith Lavey, a girl recommended to her by many of her friends. Of course, she had no idea that all of the recommendations placed were because the visitors of her massage room get all kinds of special treatment, males and females alike.

Layla didn’t suspect a thing when she was told by a sinful blonde with huge tits to strip down and lay on the massage table, after all, that’s how a massage is supposed to be done in the first place, but once Lylith’s naughty fingers wrapped themselves around Layla’s sensitive nipples and started tweaking and teasing them did she realize just why is this massage service so popular.

While Layla declares herself as a straight cock loving girl, guy that stood her up left her sexually frustrated and she wasn’t going to complain about a super hot blonde who seems to be intent in giving her an orgasm she’s always been dreaming about. No sex toys and no aids are needed for these two drop dead hot girls in lesbian embrace to reach their happy endings, their long fingers and dirty tongues are more than up to the task of getting them to cum hard and messily, a happy ending any girl can wish for.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Bigtit blonde masseuse licks out busty Latina’s pussy


Busty Asian Teen Babe Licked Out by MILF Masseuse

Kira Sinn strips down before the massage starts Horny Milf masseuse India Summer licks busty asian teens tits Skinny milf masseuse fingering busty asian teens pussy


Cute teen cheerleader Kira needs her body relaxed a bit, she’s been too stressed lately and has been getting cramps and has had problems with her stamina. She turned to India for help, a babe everybody told her can do wonders with her massage techniques. What they failed to mention to the cute petite teen is that these wonders are of sexual nature and that India’s naughty fingers have driven tons and tons of girls to their wet happy endings. Kira didn’t suspect a thing when India told her to strip nude and lie on her stomach, that way her thighs and her calves could be massaged, it’s only when India’s fingers worked their way up her alrady wet teen pussy did Kira realize this is not just a regular massage, but a special one.

Kinky teen cheerleader was not new to lesbian passions, but she was never before handled by a saucy milf with lots of experience. She used just her tongue to tease and please Kira’s pussy entrance and her thumb to tease her pink clit, making her moan and groan. Kira’s big natural teen breasts got a lot of attention as well, that kind of impressive teen melons was bound to attract the attention of big breasted milf with lots of body oil she is itching to spend during her hot lesbian encounters. While this is not the kind of service Kira was expecting to get, it still did the trick as after few massage sessions with a lesbian milf she’s sure to have more stamina and that she will be at least a bit more flexible, just what she needed to get her body back to top shape.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Busty asian teen babe licked out by MILF masseuse


Nina James and Rio Lee Loves to Lick Pussy

Beautiful client Nina James strips down lingerie before massage Look at those amazing tits Lesbian masseuse grabbing tits


Exotic British beauty Rio Lee is very popular with ladies that need to relax more than what they can achieve at home. This drop dead hot masseuse is a real sight for sore eyes and men would just love to get her to root for their team, but it’s been years since Rio decided she’s to play with girls and girls alone. Her latest visitor is Nina James, who got into a light car accident earlier today and needed some tending to that only Rio’s tender touch can deliver. Two girls hit it off right away, Nina slipping out of her dark bra and panties, revealing a lewd figure with some asian heritage, long legs, big natural tits and a body to die for.

Rio couldn’t wait for the regular part of the massage to be over so she can move on to the real thing, dropping down on her knees so she can stick her probing lesbian tongue up her customer’s pussy. Munching out a girl and toying with her sensitive nipples got her moaning loudly in no time, it’s been awhile since someone could excite Nina as much as Rio has and she intends to enjoy every flick of her fingers and every lick of her tongue thoroughly. They’ve got most of the afternoon for themselves and they spend it giving each other oral pleasures with only their fingers and lips, they don’t need sex toys to make each other feel really good.

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Giselle Leon and Alexis Monroe Licking at the Parlor

Gorgeous Giselle strips down before massage Hot blond masseuse Alexis Monroe strips down Giselle Leon licks out masseuses tight pussy


With a body like that it’s no wonder men flock to Alexis Monroe for some sensual massage action, but this time the drop dead hot blonde with a body to kill for has a different kind of customer. She’s working with a brunette with a body almost as tight as her own, and she just couldn’t help herself after stripping her down and running her hands all over her body, she had to try her out if she’s as tasty as she looks. While Giselle Leon expected her naughty hands all over her breasts and that amazing ass, she was really shocked when her legs got slightly parted by Alexis so she can slip her tongue up her wet pussy.

Still, it was a good surprise and the girl was quick to take on the tempo with her hips, impaling herself on her masseuse’s tongue, riding it slow at first but quickening up the pace as the pleasure inside of her started mounting up. Of course, that was not the only thing Alexis had on her mind for her cute customer, she wanted to get her pussy worshipped and pleased as well, so she hopped up on the massage table, shaking her ass until Giselle just couldn’t help but drop down on her knees and stick out her tongue to taste those lady juices.

She even slipped her naughty tongue up that ass crack, making Alexis jump with surprise, no girl has recently done that, and her asshole is very sensitive to a female touch. All in all, by the time these blond and brunette babes were done fucking each other in a high quality lesbian action they were completely worn out and the massage session was a complete success, Giselle got relaxed and Alexis got to take a break from men banging her and got her kink on with a hot brunette.

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