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Big Tit All Girl Massage Pussy Licking

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Brandy Blair has been working her sexy ass off lately, and it’s time for her to treat herself with something nice. Shoes, dresses and makeup is not what she was in the mood for, but when she spotted a massage parlor she couldn’t resist trying it out. In no time she was bare naked with Rayveness starting to work on her back and down her legs. This was relaxing, but Briana wanted more, and Rayveness was only too happy to oblige, she started oiling her up, running her hands over those huge jugs and over that firm ass, and soon Briana was panting with pleasure, waiting for the fingers to find her attention seeking pussy.

It’s a tongue that she received, with her ass high up in the air and her legs parted for maximal penetration as her masseuse drove her into a messy orgasm, using nothing but her fingers and her tongue, now that’s a real treat for the busty slut and she’s sure to drop by again when she feels like winding down from busy daily schedule, after all, sex is the best remedy for aches caused by a busy life.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Big tits licking pussy at the massage parlor


Wild Pussy to Pussy Dildo Massage

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A brand new All Girl Massage scene is featuring two popular adult stars, sexy blonds with fantastic bodies and with a sex drive that no man can keep up with. Carolyn and Layden are the girls you can see in this video, and they are itching to please each other. It’s hard to say who’s the one doing the massage and who the one on the receiving end of it, because they are both thoroughly into each other, licking each other silly and using their fingers and tongues to mercilessly tease and please the cunts of their lover.

Well, the fingers were not enough pretty soon and they dipped into Carolyn’s purse, finding an extra long double ended dildo that they put to good use, they locked their legs from behind and ground their fine behinds against each other with dildo reaching deep inside of them, making them both get closer and closer to an orgasm until they both had a hard lesbian happy ending. I’m pretty sure these two horny lesbian girlfriends will take the first chance they get to do this all over again, so stand by for more!

All Girl Massage Gallery: Wild pussy to pussy dildo massage in the parlor


Kinky Asian Masseuse Licking Ass and Pussy

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Asa Akira has really gotten into girl on girl action lately, she found out that females can make her tight asian pussy feel much better then guys. Kiara is her latest sexual conquest, she’s a good friend of hers and they’ve spent plenty of time drinking and gossiping together, but this is the first time Asa has gotten the nerve to tear off the clothes of her busty blond girlfriend and get to work on that delicious pussy of hers.

If you’re into lesbian pussy licking, this scene will certainly get you going, these busty bitches in heat have thoroughly worn each other out and that’s only using their fingers and their lips, no sex toys were used for this scene at all, but they didn’t really need them, all they needed was a big bed and lots of time to fuck each other silly. Anal play is also a big part of this scene, Asa dives with her tongue between the ass cheeks of her blond sexy friend and makes her cum hard with her fingers teasing her pussy and tongue working it’s way in and out of her sensitive asshole.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Busty asian masseuse licking pussy and ass


Oiled Big Tit Masseuse Playing with Butt Plug

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Asa Akira has been feeling rather stressed lately, and she really needed a way to wind down a bit. What better way for that stress to be relieved then with a spicy oily massage with one of her best friends, Kortney? Kortney has her own parlor and she happily greeted her sexy asian friend, making Asa’s pleasure her top priority. With bodyoil smeared all over, with those big tits glistening with pleasure, oiled up back and spicy oiled ass she’s ready to be fingered and toyed with. Asa is a hardcore girl and she’s used to having both of her holes probed at the same time, this detailed massage was just what she needed.

With a glass butt plug up her behind and a long bendy dildo stretching her pussy wide apart all of her stress is leaving her along with her love juices as she cums and cums hard. Of course, the sight of Asa’s orgasms got Kortney fired up as well, and Asa was only too happy to return the favor and make her busty girlfriend feel good as well, she spread her legs wide apart and set her naughty lips to good use, sucking on her clit and sliding her dildo in and out of her until Kortney was all sweaty and having orgasms as well.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Big tit masseuses playing with butt plug and dildo


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