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Busty Masseuse Toying Teen Client

Big tit masseuse Lizz revealing her great juggs to Shyla Shyla eating Lizz's big juicy titties Big tit masseuse toying teen clients pussy


Shyla is one sexy girl who has no idea for the surprise she’s in store for after arriving at the local Massage parlor. Lizz awaits her in a satin lilac bath robe wearing no bra just panties underneath. She confesses her crush on this girl, and tells her she thinks she’s very hot. Shyla asks her to come closer and begins kissing her patiently. This turns on the fireworks and light bulbs go off, immediately Lizz gets closer and starts licking her client’s tits with her pierced tongue. Soon after she’s on top of her and getting her own bazooms sucked on heavily by Shyla. Things can only heat up from here and the massage girl is in for a surprise as Shyla gets down between her legs, spreading them evenly and getting her mouth closer to her patch.

She grabs a dildo and slams it deep inside Lizz’s pussy making her moan out loud. They take their turns banging one another with the dildo while kissing and licking each others pussy. What’s next, no one really knows but one thing for certain these sexy lesbian babes are having a great time. Maybe Shyla will schedule exclusive massages at all girl massage from now on and ask for Lizz by name? We can only find out in the next scene from this exclusive site!

All Girl Massage Gallery: Busty teen masseuse licking and toying Shyla’s pussy


Exhausted Schoolgirl Licked And Fingered

Sexy teen Stephanie in her schoolgirl uniform Teen client Stephanie grabbing big tit MILF masseuses juicy tits Big tit MILF fingering shaved pussy


A sexy babe just finished her studies for the day and goes downtown to get her rejuvenating massage. To her surprise the masseuse is a girl, and she also looks quite yummy. It doesn’t take long before Stephanie’s plaid schoolgirl skirt comes off and she’s laying on the bed with her legs spread exposing her perfect teen pussy that’s as tight as it can be! Rayveness gets naked too after getting very turned on by Stephanie’s amazing body and her juicy box.

They begin rubbing each others bodies together and kissing patiently and soon licking and sucking on one anothers nipples too. In the fun, both of their massage girl pussies get ultra wet and they help themselves to exploring each others body cavities using their fingers and tongues. In fact Stephanie goes crazy and wild when the Massage Girl Rayveness gets deep inside her pink hole with her tongue fucking it, in and out while finger banging her at the same time! This is lesbian sex at its best as two of the most sinful ladies get naked and wild together true naughty angel style! No one ever suspects their undying lust for each other, not even their boyfriends – and Steph’s boyfriend happens to be waiting in the car, clueless as to his girl just had the most amazing lez make out session of her life!

All Girl Massage Gallery: Exhausted coed gets a pussy massage from big tit MILF


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