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Blonde All Girl Massage with Molly and Brett

Brett Rossi strips down seductive red lingerie Eating out busty teen babe Molly Benett's pussy Molly Bennett returning the favor


If there’s a girl known for her good taste in females, it’s Molly. This girl has tried out pretty much anything, from banging a porn star babes to introducing amateur chicks to pleasures of lesbian loving. She has heard there’s a new lesbian masseuse in town and she couldn’t wait to see if an adventure with her will be the kind of happy experience she’s hoping to make it into. Brett is also a beautiful blonde babe with big silicone tits that looks inviting to Molly, whose medium sized naturals also have their charms. It didn’t take them too long to hit it off, Brett saw Molly was getting wet from her hands wandering around her body and caressing her sensitive spots and couldn’t wait to make her hot lesbian customer cum with her naughty xxx skills.

Fine pussy licking and tasting adventure when these two girls sampled each other turned into a quick 69 experience but soon they were both on their backs, their legs entwined and their hips grinding up against each other. Oiled up legs and crotches and their naughty fingers teasing each others wet pussy holes set them right off, they just couldn’t get enough of making each other feel good. Several wet lesbian orgasms later, masseuse and Molly were all sweaty and breathing hard, but pretty happy with their encounter and looking forward to meeting in the nude again so they can have another hot lesbian match.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Porn star lesbian Molly goes to get her body massaged


Busty Brunette Masseuse Kendall Licked Out

Masseuse meeting the horny client at the all girl massage parlor A seductive look at Kendall Carson's tight pussy Kendall Carson gets her pussy licked out


Now here’s a real sight for sore eyes, Kendall Carson in silk outfit that barely covers her ass as well as the fact that she’s got no panties or bra holding her lewd curves back. She’s got her friend Ember James on the massage table, completely naked, with those dark perky nipples exposed and her hairless pussy looking too inviting to pass on. Kendall has some self control, she didn’t go straight for the sweetest bits, first she made Ember wait for her a bit while she toyed with her lewd curves, playing with her breasts and oiling her legs and top class ass up. It didn’t take her too long to make Ember horny as hell, having to beg for some tender pussy attention, a wish Ember was only too happy to take care of.

She slipped out of her blue silk outfit and hopped up on top of her lesbian friend,, locking on top of her in a hot 69 position with her own pink pussy shoved in Ember’s face and her face buried deep up her love hole. Naughty tongue action was all these girls needed to make each other feel good, their fingers and long nails caressing each other’s sensitive spots. A lesbian 69er orgasm is just what we wanted to see these two horny busty babes experience, and they definitely didn’t disappoint, they did a great job of tongue fucking to climactic endings.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Silky lesbian masseuse mounts her pretty customer


Asian Masseuse Licks Bigtit Blonde Out

Asian masseuse Lana Violet talking to blonde busty client An amazing look at Jessyca Nyx's pussy and bare tits Lana Violet strips down for the pussy licking


Jessica Nyx is a real countryside pumpkin, a blonde beauty has moved to a big city just few short weeks ago and she’s still trying out all of the new things and trying to sort out her experiences. One of the things her town didn’t have is a massage parlor, and she wanted to treat herself to a nice relaxing massage. It didn’t take her too long to look for online adds and find herself a massage masseuse with very good reviews from other females, but she didn’t read up on all of the notes on the site, so she failed to spot the fact that Lana Violet is a lesbian masseuse offering full body experiences to good looking clients.

Well, it’s a great setup for a pussy licking lesbian adventure, blonde beauty with large tits got nude and hopped up on the table, offering her body freely to exotic looking brunette with naughty hands. At first it was just a regular massage, Lana’s fingers going up and down Jessica’s legs, caressing her and oiling her up. What Jessica didn’t expect was for Lana to spread her pass cheeks and to start licking her tasty pussy, going deeper up her hole with each lick and making her entire body shake with pleasure.

Lesbian action is another thing Jessica has no experience with whatsoever, and Lana took it upon herself to show her all of the fun things two girls can do with each other. For now they went bare lesbian, no toys were used, Lana didn’t want to scare Jessica away, but I’m sure the next time big tittied blonde babe shows up for a massage appointment she will get to experience all kinds of new things and delights. It goes without saying that she paid a pretty fine tip to Lana who was very happy to get to meet an inexperienced girl with a body every lesbian chick would love getting her hands on.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Country pumpkin found herself a lesbian partner


Gorgeous Teen Cheerleader Licked Out

Gorgeous cheerleader strips down for massage Slutty masseuse grabbing cheerleader's perky tits Presley Hart licked out during massage


Angel faced cheerleader Presley Hart is a shy looking girl with a body that men from her college dream about. She’s got a secret, she’s not into guys at all, and she’s been considering trying out lesbian sex for a while now, she just never found a good partner. She’s got quite a sex drive, and party chicks from her college are no match for her, but she finally found someone that can loosen her muscles – all of her muscles! Angel is a blonde masseuse with a fine curvaceous body and taste for smoking hot girls, something Presley fits perfectly.

Tall, tanned and shaved clean, Presley is a real sight for sore eyes and Angel Vain couldn’t resist slowing down the pace of her sensual massage just to pay extra attention to teen girl’s hips, ass and those delicious natural tits with nipples that got hard and perky as soon as she started working her hands around them. One thing led to another, and Angel was soon letting Presley lick her massive tits while she herself toyed with her back entrance and her dripping wet teen pussy. It’s oral pleasures and licking only for these two natural beauties, they don’t feel like involving sex toys in their first lesbian encounter, but Presley did promise she’d drop by for more massage therapy and the kinky cheerleader is sure to bring along a few toys just to spice things up.

After all, with their ass licking adventures there’s no doubt both of these girls would enjoy lesbian anal action, and since they’re in a massage salon there is no lack of oil and lubes they can use to make themselves slick and more sensual, it’s all working out for the pretty slim teen and busty mature lesbian.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Horny cheerleader has her pussy handled by a masseuse


Callie Cyprus and Kassius Kay at All Girl Massage

Client strips down and reveals round booty Hot kissing scene at All Girl Massage parlor Lick that sweet pussy out


Callie Cyprus is a well known party girl in town, and men always enjoy watching her slim and fit body, her perky tits and her fine firm tush. However, she has lost some of her interest in men and has decided to see if a woman can give her the kind of pleasure she is looking for. She has set up a nice massage session with a girl she heard does not mind playing with other chicks, Kassius Kay, and she went there with all of the weapons she has in her disposal.

First of all, she came wearing a kinky pink bra and pink lace panties that hid nothing while she stripped down to lay on the massage table. Her long legs parted slightly, nipples perked up and her entire body exposed, she’s a real sinful dream come to life for Kassius who could not reisist the sight of her, a quick massage that oiled Callie’s body up was all of the real massaging these two chicks did, after that Kassius slipped out of her robes and exposed her own lewd figure.

She too has a slim fit body covered with tattoos and a set of natural tits with small nipples, and the two babes got right down to business on top of each other, first doing some kinky tribbing while kissing tenderly and exploring each other, but in no time they were in a hot lesbian 69 on the all girl massage table, each girl with her tongue out as far as it would go and teasing her partner’s sensitive clit and delicate pussy lips. Body oil made them slippery, just adding to their pleasure as they moved their bodies in unison, working themselves up to two great looking lesbian orgasms. Just one happy ending is not enough for either of these girls, so they went on and on tongue fucking on the table until they were completely worn out.

All Girl Massage Gallery: Relaxing girl on girl massage goes out of control


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